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Day 1 - Dec 17th 

L i v e  a t  n o o n  G M T

Jon & Missy Butcher

Redesign your Life with Lifebook

Jon & Missy are two of my favorite people, truly inspirational.  One of the reasons for this is that they have written their own rules for living a truly free and empowered life.  Within that framework they have one of the most inspirational relationships I've ever seen.  Even after 30 years.  Come and join us as we explore how they've made this happen.

Matt Zerker

Why connection helps you heal

Matt has a similar journey to myself and I felt an immediate affinity to him.  Where as I created this summit, he created Tethr, a community for men to build connection.  In this interview we talk about how connection can be an emotional cure all for depression, anxiety and addiction. 

Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen

Finding your place of peace

Bjorn is a YouTuber, blogger, author and former powerlifter.  After hitting rock bottom he created a simple formula for living life in emotional empowerment.  In this discussion we talk about men's mental health, connecting to nature and making small improvements.

Dr. John Ogrodniczuk

Facing Depression & Anxiety

John is a professor of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia and a psychotherapist that has been working with men for nearly 25 years.  However, men have a tendency to avoid help until it's too late.  As such, he is often working with loved ones.  In this interview we discuss the dangers that are specific to men's mental health, how to avoid them and how to start the healing process.

Day 2

Day 2 - Dec 18th 

L i v e  a t  n o o n  G M T

Sam Brinton

The Journey to Self Acceptance

When Sam was young, his parents tried to erase his identity through conversion therapy.  He now walks the halls of congress protecting young people from that very practice.  Sam is a beacon of self-acceptance and self-esteem.  Join us as we explore how he managed to forge an identity of purpose, compassion and self-acceptance.

Amanda Workman

Find your inner motivation with the Enneagram 

My friend Amanda was kind enough to introduce me to the Enneagram a few years ago.  Despite being a natural skeptic to personality tests it has changed my life.  By understanding not just our behaviour but 'WHY' we do things we create awareness on how to be more of our best self.

Jay Rothman

How to Find Yourself if You're Feeling Lost

Jay's story is one of success with an abundance of wealth and status.  Despite this he had a heart attack in his forties.  Why though, when he had every box in life ticked off, was he facing so much physical pain?  Since then Jay has transformed his life to be focused on things for him and is no longer running on a societal script.  What matters most in life?

Dr. Shaun J Fletcher

Having Courageous Conversations

I always appreciate when anyone is willing to share their story and, when I saw Shaun share his story on the TED stage, I knew I needed to have a conversation with him.  In our chat we talk about how to have brave conversations and how to build the foundation of mental wellbeing across community and professional spectrum.

Kris Verle

Finding your place of peace

If no man is an island, why do we insist on isolation and self-reliance?  The feeling of belonging is essential for every human but, with imposter phenomenon, men tend to be the most resistant.  Kris is willing to share his imposter vulnerability and how he has to navigate this dance day by day and how you can too.

Day 3

Day 3 - Dec 19th 

L i v e  a t  n o o n  G M T

Stephen Fry

Meet Someone Every Day for 366 Days

Stephen is one of my favourite speakers at the summit partly because he's not a speaker at all.  He simply loves hearing people's stories.  So much so he decided to meet someone new everyday for 366 days.  Join us as he shares his experience navigating building connections as an extreme introvert.

Paul Clark

Curing Addiction with Spirituality

I've known Paul for many years but we lost touch.  It was purely a coincidence that we would both enter the mental health space.  Paul's journey, however, has been one of addiction.  Join us for this discussion as we explore how finding the 12 step programme and spirituality has given him access to sobriety and empowerment.

Garrison Gibbons

Exploring Masculinity as a Gay Man

I've learnt more about what it is to be a man from gay men than pretty much all the straight men in my life.  The amount of work that gay men have to do in exploring identity is inspiring when you take the time to listen.  Garrison's story of personal exploration is a truly inspiring one.  And if someone has to do that much work just to be accepted in society, then it's someone that I want to listen to.

David Burkus

Friend of a Friend:  How to Foster Connection

The book Friend of a Friend was recommended to me by, unsurprisingly, a friend.  What I didn't expect from this book on "Networking" was how practical it was to foster friendships and relationships.  As a man who suffered greatly from loneliness this book was a life saver and speaking to the author, a true honour.

Day 4

Day 4 - Dec 20th 

L i v e  a t  n o o n  G M T

Martin Mezei

Building Confidence Through Identity

Masculinity is a topic that is fraught with division and polarity at the moment.  It's rare to find someone willing to have the courage to talk about it, especially from an objective stance.  In this conversation we explore how to unlock bulletproof confidence by forging an unshakeable identity and knowing EXACTLY who are are.

Richard Ayling

Exploring the Truth About Modern Masculinity

I used to think, as a man, stoic and immovable masculinity was the only narrative that I could run in life.  Richard's narrative was based on a disease that he would have for the rest of his life.  It's incredible what you can heal yourself of when you start asking curious questions of your own story.

Martin Robinson

Where Are Our Role Models?

Lads mags have influenced male thinking for a long time by forging relationships based on mysogyny and alcoholism.  For too long we've idolized the Playboy imagery of men.  And it's killing us...  Martin is giving us a fresh perspective on how we model our heroes and how to choose effectively.

Andrew Sillitoe

The 4 Keys of Male Empowerment

Andrew lost his father too young.  This was ultimately because he was trading his health for wealth.  It would later set Andrew on a mission to understand what it is that destroys men's health.  This learning would lead him to "The 4 Keys".  Join us as Andrew explains how to find a balance in life so that we can be healthy, connected and abundant.

JOIN US LIVE ONLINE DEC 17th - 20th 2020 


16+ speakers, 50 minutes per summit session and all of the insights you will need to start living a life with more emotional freedom and empowerment. 
How do I know the timing of each speaker?
There is no real agenda so you don't have to worry about that.  All discussions will be available for the full 4 days so all you need to do is block off the time each day to get through all of the EPIC content!
Is the event really free?
YUP!  For the 4 days of the summit it's completely free and you can digest as much as you want during that time.
Who is this summit best suited for?
Anyone who believes that men's emotional health is important.  Diversity & Inclusion is vital so all are welcome no matter race, gender, religion or sexual preference.
What if I can't make the live event on Dec 17th?
The entire content is available for free for 4 days or you can choose to purchase the content and keep it forever.
Is the summit really just online?
Well these are interesting times.  As much as I'd love to create an in person experience, virtual gives us an opportunity to offer complete value and transformation to more and more people.


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