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Launching DEC 17th

L i v e  a t  n o o n  G M T

Jon & Missy Butcher

How to take control of your life

Jon & Missy are two of my favorite people, a true inspiration.  One of the reasons for this is that they have written their own rules for living a truly free and empowered life.  Within that framework they have one of the most inspirational relationships I've ever seen.  Even after 30 years.  Come and join us as we explore how they've made this happen.

Matt Zerker

Why connection helps you heal

Matt has a similar journey to myself and I felt an immediate affinity to him.  Where as I created this summit, he created Tethr, a community for men to build connection.  In this interview we talk about how connection can be an emotional cure all for depression, anxiety and addiction. 

Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen

Finding your place of peace

Bjorn is a YouTuber, blogger, author and former powerlifter.  After hitting rock bottom he created a simple formula for living life in emotional empowerment.  In this discussion we talk about men's mental health, connecting to nature and making small improvements.

Dr. John Ogrodniczuk

Facing Depression & Anxiety

John is a professor of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia and a psychotherapist that has been working with men for nearly 25 years.  However, men have a tendency to avoid help until it's too late.  As such, he is often working with loved ones.  In this interview we discuss the dangers that are specific to men's mental health, how to avoid them and how to start the healing process.



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A place to discuss and embrace the new masculinity

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As men, most of us are cultured to maneuver life in the most logical way, often to overwrite our emotions, square up our jaws and face life “like a man”. The worst of all is the unwritten rule to detach ourselves from vulnerability. 
I hit rock bottom and, in a pit of despair, started questioning whether life is worth living and what my place is in this world. Fast-forward, I got back on my feet and now living a good life. But, that didn’t happen overnight. It took effort and the will to change perspectives for me to overcome my challenges.
This is why I created this summit. To bring together people from different backgrounds -- most of which have had their own stories of struggles and defeats yet have successfully overcome their challenges -- to share their stories, inspirations and strategies to us.
Discussions within the Emotional Freedom Virtual Summit evolve around the core objective of reframing belief systems that hold us back from healing, recovery, self-empowerment and connection towards ourselves and the people around us.  
Be inspired and hear real stories from men of different backgrounds, learn the strategies and tools they use to overcome what holds them back. Join us as we jump into open discussions - no holds bard - around the subject of mental health, relationships, addictions, fatherhood, friendship, self-worth and a whole lot of important matters across the board.
Hope to see you there!


What are the scientifically backed methods for living life in a more positive emotional state
Start the path to healing from addiction, depression, anxiety, anger and much more
Create strong bonds and connections, eliminate loneliness and "find your tribe"
How to create a foundation of internal resilience so you're ready to maximize the external
Master masculine and feminine energies to become a fully rounded, modern man
Find strategies to become a better leader, husband, father, brother and friend
Develop empathy and compassion through hearing stories of individuals that are different to you
Learn how to use vulnerability to own your story, grow beyond and inspire others.


16+ speakers, 50 minutes per summit session and all of the insights you will need to start living a life with more emotional freedom and empowerment. 
How do I know the timing of each speaker?
There is no real agenda so you don't have to worry about that.  All discussions will be available for the full 4 days so all you need to do is block off the time each day to get through all of the EPIC content!
Is the event really free?
YUP!  For the 4 days of the summit it's completely free and you can digest as much as you want during that time.
Who is this summit best suited for?
Anyone who believes that men's emotional health is important.  Diversity & Inclusion is vital so all are welcome no matter race, gender, religion or sexual preference.
What if I can't make the live event on Dec 17th?
The entire content is available for free for 4 days or you can choose to purchase the content and keep it forever.
Is the summit really just online?
Well these are interesting times.  As much as I'd love to create an in person experience, virtual gives us an opportunity to offer complete value and transformation to more and more people.


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